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December 12 2010

"Necronomicox". Best name ever.
Tags: NSFW dildo

November 22 2010

Tintin in R'Lyeh (via boingboing.net). I want this as a poster, prettypretty please! "Tintin in Innsmouth" (follow source link) even shows some tentacles.
Tags: cthulhu
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November 20 2010

As of today, I get 2,450,000 results for "tentacle porn", but only 461,000 for "tentacle horror". 
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November 19 2010

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Yoshie Zero
Tags: wtf japan
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October 31 2010

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September 28 2010

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September 26 2010

So very cute: Tentacle dildos
(seen at www.bad-dragon.com)
Tags: #NSFW #toys
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July 12 2010

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March 13 2010

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January 18 2010


10 Reasons why a shoggoth is the perfect lover

        10 Reasons why a shoggoth is the perfect lover
1) It can form any pseudopod, and thus can form the perfect extrusion
or cavity to suit your needs.

2) It will sleep on the wet patch, or on the floor, or even in the

3) It can keep going as long as you want it to.

4) Since it has a different biological basis, it cannot give you any
form of STD, and thus barrier methods are not required. Please remem-
ber to wash your shoggoth in an antiseptic if sharing between partners.

5) It cannot get you pregnant

6) It can give you a back massage, answer the phone, open a beer, have
sex with multiple people, change the CD _and_ take dictation all at
the same time. (They also make good secretaries.) They do have a
slight problem with Microsoft Word for Windows though, no-one is quite
sure why.

7) It can hold the door shut so no-one can burst in on you.

8) It never suffers from impotence or headaches.

9) It will respect you in the morning and will not leave you for
someone else (unless they happen to know 'bind shoggoth' as well. At
this point your shoggoth will get very confused, split into two
shoggoths, and bits of both will keep commuting between the two
masses. Great for parties.)

10) It won't insist on you meeting it's parents. (If you do meet its
parents, lose 1d6/0 SAN.)

Nyar - now all I have to do is learn to summon one...

(from http://www.cthulhu.org/smut/FAQ.txt)
The rest of "Professor Marjorie's Annotated Field Guide to Tentacle Attacks" can be found at http://mbg25.tripod.com/sketchbook2.shtml.
Tags: NSFW
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January 02 2010

riotclitshave: The topology project went badly wrong.
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